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What you need to know when moving to Cary NC is the school system that services our real estate market is a county system, even though many refer to the schools by the city in which they reside.
In Wake County Public Schools you have several school choices:
• Traditional: This is just what it sounds like, a traditional school calendar that begins in late August and ends in mid-June. Students attend schools for 180 days with holidays and teacher work days off.
• Magnet: Magnet schools in the Wake County Public Schools were designed to “attract” students to schools that have lost their base population due to population shifts. These schools provide specialized programs in Math, Science, the Arts, etc. They are usually located inside the beltline area of Raleigh. Buses are provided by the county. For example, Enloe High School, a magnet school, is one of the top performing high schools in the nation.
• Year-Round: Year-round schools are a concept that the Wake County Public Schools borrowed from states like Florida and Texas. The premise is that a third more students will be educated each year with this calendar. It generally works like this; 9 weeks in school, 3 weeks off. The exception is for winter and spring breaks when students may have off as long as 4 weeks. Students in Cary NC and surrounding areas are in attendance for 180 days just like traditional students. Their calendar year runs from July to July. For example, if a student enters as a first grader in July 2008, he will then become a second grader in July 2009.

Which is preferred?
As with most real estate questions the answer is….depends. Some families prefer traditional because it’s familiar. Others enjoy the year-round option because they can go to Disney World in February and beat the crowds. Magnet schools offer an outlet for those students wanting an extra challenge or specialized program.
Which model has the best test scores?
The school model makes no difference in the test scores.
Where are the best schools?
The best schools seem to be in the Cary area. WHY? That issue can be debated. My humble opinion as a former teacher is Cary NC schools are supported by its parents and parent participation! Cary residents for the most part recognize a comfortable living and therefore have the time and means to give to the schools. Parents demand quality schools for their children and work in partnership with the schools at all levels to accomplish this goal.
Define the Cary Area?
Areas surrounding Cary, close proximity to Research Triangle Park, Apex, Morrisville, Holly Springs.
How do I find the best school in the Wake County Schools for my family?
I first recommend hiring a real estate agent that knows the school system. It makes a difference!
Will I be redistricted?
Depends. Here is the general thought on redistricting. If you move to an established area the chances are less that Wake County Public Schools will redistrict you. If you move to a new area with lots of growth, new homes, orange barrels in the road, construction trailers, men wearing hard hats in the street, the chances are higher. With population growth come new schools. With new schools come filling those schools and shuffling students. Minor redistricting occurs when elementary schools open, more with middle schools openings, and you guessed it…major movement when a high school opens. In Cary, Panther Creek High School opened in 2005. That was the last major shuffle. None on the horizon in the Wake County Public Schools.
Why Move to Cary NC?
GREAT PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY: Cary truly is a wonderful place to raise a family. Strong family values are evident in the neighborhoods, schools, parks, everywhere. Parents and kids can be seen at sporting events, school functions, and just playing in the street in the evenings. When I take clients to view home they are often amazed by the number of kids just out playing. Neighbors socializing and what’s that… waving?!

SCHOOLS: Why are Cary schools and surrounding area schools so good? Because all Cary kids are gifted! No really, credit has to be given to the parent and teachers working for the common goal of the child. As a former Wake County teacher I can tell you first hand the parental support of the schools in this area is unprecedented. Parents give of their time, money, support, anything that is asked. That makes the difference!

SMALL TOWN FEEL: A few years ago a petition came before the Town Council stating that now that Cary is growing we should sound bigger and call ourselves, “City of Cary”. No such doings in these parts… (my attempt at a southern draw). We may be getting bigger geographically but the City Council makes an effort to keep the feel of Cary small and friendly. Just try to get out of any of our coffee shops or anywhere for that matter with just a quick “Hey”. When I talk to clients who have been here for awhile that is the first thing they tell me was the biggest adjustment, random people talking to them. I tell them it’s a NC thing!
WEATHER: No long winters. I’m originally from Ohio and I second that! Winter is not so much a season as an occasional weather front. Yes, we do get snow! Just not weekly like up North. My mother hates when she calls to tell me about all their snow and I’m teeing off ready to play golf.
LOW TAXES: New Yorkers rejoice!
REASONABLE HOUSING: Absolutely! Cary NC market was never part of the housing bubble. We never saw inflated prices and are not seeing huge price decreases. CNN Money will concur. We were one of the last housing markets to feel the housing slump and are expecting to be one of the first, OK second, behind Dallas, to see recovery. (CNN Money)
SENIOR HOUSING: You must see Carolina Preserve Amberly Dell Webb Cary NC to truly appreciate 55+ living. It’s like Disney World for seniors. Amazing, no detail overlooked. I have a few more years before I qualify…
CARY NC and Wake County Property Tax Rates for 2011- You Won’t Believe It!
You Won’t Believe It!

I’m publishing the Cary NC and Wake County Property Tax Rates for 2011 because I hear it over and over again from those moving, especially the Northeast, that high taxes have become too much of a burden.

Folks are especially stunned to hear Cary NC and Wake County Tax Rate went DOWN in 2009. We have property assessments every 8 years and the home values had seen a significant increase. Wake County decided not to overburden its citizens and decreased to a fair rate. Jaw dropping shock is often the response I receive!

Wake County Property Tax Rate for 2010 .5340 (added to the city tax for the total)

Apex .3400 + .5340 = .874
Cary .3300 + .5340 = .864
Fuquay Varina .3850 + .5340 = .919
Garner .4900 + .5340 = 1.024
Holly Springs .4150 + .5340 = .949
Knightdale .3665 + .5340 = .934
Morrisville .3665 + .5340 = .9005
Raleigh .3735 + .5340 = .9075
Wake Forest .5100 + .5340 = 1.044

Are you looking for a REALTOR that is:
• a former teacher that knows the schools system
• has lived in the area for over 15 years
• has expertise to get the job done?
Let me GOOGLE one for you!

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