Tennessee is a fabulous place to live and a great place to buy real estate

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Tennessee is a fabulous place to live and a great place to buy real estate.

One bonus of living in Tennessee is that we do not have a State income tax. This is appealing to many residents who like to hold onto their hard earned money.

Whether you are a buyer or seller of real estate in Tennessee, it is good to know about our State contracts. They are created by the Tennessee Association of Realtors legal team and are examined and re-vamped yearly. The Realtors across the State all use the same form and fill in the blanks the attorneys leave us. In my opinion, the contracts are very fair and neither favors the buyer or seller. With that said, I would also like to make a comment about all the contingencies in the contracts that do favor the buyer and seller. The buyer can get out of the contract for numerous reasons that include, but not limited to, financing, inspections, appraisal, and surveys. However, there is a disclaimer that gives the seller a comfort level and that is our declaimer paperwork. This is a 3 page document that lists issues the buyer may foresee and puts the burden on the buyer to take due diligence. It implies that the seller is not making any representations. Such items include: water source, electrical systems, surveys, all inspections, title work, etc. The best advice I can give a buyer, use an experienced Realtor, inspector and hire an attorney for your closing and title work.
Tennessee has rocky terrain and has had a lot of Radon gas issues in these areas. It is important to get a Radon test when purchasing a home in Tennessee. Most inspectors are capable of preforming this simple test, and if the house has high levels of Radon gas there is a solution. A mitigation system can be installed. The price of this system can range from $1,000 – $2,000 (approximately). The price is calculated based on square footage and whether there is a basement or crawl space in the house. It is customary for all inspection results to be re-negotiated between buyer and seller after inspection report is performed.

Termite letters are also important to get when buying a home in Tennessee. The wood destroying insect clause is part of our state contract, and states that the buyer performs the test when having their home inspection. However, if there is an issue with wood destroying insects, it is customary for the seller to pay for the treatment.

Tennessee can be divided into 3 geographical areas: (1) West, (Memphis end), (2) East (Knoxville, Tri-Cities end), and (3) Central (Nashville area). Each is unique within itself. Depending on what type of lifestyle you are looking for will determine your area of choice. The East is cooler temperature wise, is geared towards activities, and is generally known for its slower paced lifestyle. Central is known for its bustle of activity, still including quite a bit of outdoor activities, geared more towards lake living and city living. West Tennessee, known for its milder temperature, attracts many people because of its historical significance, including the home of Elvis.

The eastern side of the State is surrounded by mountains and lakes. It is a great place to look for a home if you are an avid hiker and if you enjoy outdoor activity. The Appalachian Trail winds through the northeastern end of the state. Knoxville is the home of University of Tennessee, which is a popular SEC sporting contender. Bristol and Kingsport Tennessee border V Central Tennessee is also surrounded by lakes and a nice level landscape, unlike the rolling Hills of East Tennessee. Tennessee Titans make their home in Nashville. The town embraces their NFL team and the city buzzes with activity during game time. The stadium also hosts the Music Bowl which is a nice addition to the Music Cities array of activities for homeowners and tourists as well.

Western Tennessee is the complete opposite of Eastern Tennessee when it comes to terrain. It is flat as a pancake! It borders four states and the Real Estate community show property, and our licensed in many, if not all of these bordering states. There is a lot of history in Memphis, and music as well. There are a lot of older communities and wonderful mature, tree lines streets and boulevards. It’s a lovely area and very nice surrounding suburbs.

Tennessee has desirable weather. We have 4 seasons that cater to all tastes. Our winters are fairly mild, yet we do have snowfall and the Mountains are always there for the snow skiing winter enthusiasts.

Our summers do heat up quite a bit, and last into late September when our fall takes over. Spring and fall are both very pleasant and beautiful. We have year round vegetation and never lack color and new growth from year round plants and trees.

Where ever you land in Tennessee, you can be assured the people are friendly and welcoming. We have a lot of transplants from all over the nation, myself included. There is a group of people called “halfbacks”. These are the people who sold their homes up north and decided to retire in Florida. After being down there for a year or so, they decided it was not a good match for them and traveled “half way back” and settled in Tennessee. We welcome everyone! Come on down (or up)!

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