Finding the Uncommon Deal gives you the secrets to discovering and successfully negotiating the lowest prices for the most prized properties available. You'll get the expert advice you need to navigate this changing real estate world.

If you're successful enough to afford a home, then you probably have the skills needed to get a great deal in today's market. Finding the Uncommon Deal gives you the keys to leverage your skills for success and savings, opening the door to today's best properties and lowest prices.

I am delighted to have joined some of the leading real estate professionals in the United States of America in creating a website to educate the consumer on the insider tips and secrets of buying in your neighborhood. As we are looking to improve the website, we are accepting submissions and they can be emailed to us. We are looking to make the website a must see before buying a home.

—Adam Leitman Bailey

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Adam Leitman Bailey, has, during his career, assisted thousands of property owners in buying homes and is ranked as one of the New York’s most prominent real estate attorneys. Besides being named a ‘Super Lawyer’ and ‘Best Lawyer’, as well as being selected as one of the “nation’s leading real estate lawyers” by Chambers & Partners, Bailey owns investment properties. For the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and several other national media outlets, Bailey frequently contributes his real estate expertise and advice. As a real estate attorney who built the highly-ranked eponymous law firm, owner of several properties, and parent of two children, Adam Leitman Bailey was inspired – and uniquely placed – to write about homes. Read More Here

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