More than 50 real estate professionals, including brokers, lawyers, engineers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, and bankers spent an incredible number of hours striving to make this book into one of the best ever written on home buying. I want to thank all of them, especially those who made this book a large part of their lives.

I first want to thank Lewis Taishoff and Alice Davidson for their insightful tips and edits, which have greatly improved the book.

Second, Dov Treiman is one of the few true geniuses that I have ever encountered. He belongs with the greats Einstein, Freud, Beethoven except his greatest expertise is in real estate law. I thank him for constantly improving my voice, improving the book’s content, and working to make sure each page strives for perfection.

Last but not least, I want to thank Amanda Sam, whom I refer to as my muse. Amanda has spent the most recent year of her life primarily working on this book. She has been an incredible editor and has inspired and pushed me to make this book better and better. Her editing has sharpened my writing and has made me appear a much better writer than I deserve credit for being. She has also been my radar and test audience. If she did not understand a statement or theory, I rewrote the subject until she no longer had any questions. As Amanda attends Columbia Law School, she can start her legal career knowing that she is already a star, even before she takes her first class.

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