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Books to read if you’re in the market to buy



1 day ago

SMA202 asked about how maintenance costs are calculated and a few of us mentioned Sylvia Shapiro’s books on NY co-ops.

What are some other books that might be useful?

So far, I’ve read, and recommend:

* The New York Co-Op Bible, by Sylvia Shapiro – all kinds of details about living in a co-op. How to buy one, what’s different from buying a condo, how to deal with board members, how to hande interviews, and a lot more.

* Finding the Uncommon Deal, by Adam Leitman Bailey – I really liked this book also, and though Mr. Bailey is a New York property owner the book is much less New York-specific and deals with acquiring your home rather than what you do once you start living in it. Much more about mortgages, payments, and the loan process than Shapiro’s book, and much more applicable to US real estate in general.

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