Top 7 Things a Home Buyer Should Consider When Deciding on Location

By Bill Gassett

What are the top things a home buyer should consider when deciding on the location of their first home?

There are a number of factors that go into deciding on a location in which you’ll be happy. Every buyer is different but some of the more important factors include the following:

  1. How close is the home to work? A significant percentage of buyers are looking for their work to be only a certain commuting time or distance.
  2. How close are major highways to access? Is the house in close proximity to major routes? Many buyers seek the opportunity to be within a reasonable distance to major highways that can not only get them to work easily but other possible destinations such as a major city or vacation spot.
  3. What are the local school systems like? Even buyers that don’t have kids often realize the importance of schools systems. Buyers who plan on having kids in the not too distant future are usually keenly aware.
  4. Where is the closest major shopping center for groceries? Buyers prefer to have the convenience of not traveling to far to get major household items on a weekly basis.
  5. Where is the closest mall? Many buyers want to have a mall they can access for significant shopping within a reasonable distance.
  6. Are there other favorite hot spots nearby such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc? A significant percentage of buyers are willing to pay more to be in an area that features certain conveniences such as recognizable brand names they have come to love.
  7. What are some of the other local features such as parks, lakes and other recreational activities? Lots of buyers look to be able to carry on with their hobbies. Checking on what it available in the city or town could become important.

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