Pacific Northwest – Greater Seattle Area

After relocating to the great State of Washington over 20 years ago, I still am in awe of the beauty and majesty of Mt. Rainier, the Olympic and Cascade mountains. While I am merely a few hours away from the Pacific beaches or the desert/agricultural/wine regions of eastern Washington, I am only minutes from fresh water lakes, hiking trails, major roads to the city and more.

The growth and change that has taken place in the Pacific Northwest has been phenomenal. When in 70′s folks were warned to turn out the lights when you are the last one to leave, those who stayed have been able to experience a technological and commercial growth and change to the Emerald City and the surrounding areas that make up the greater Puget Sound Region. As a Pacific Rim city we are instrumental in the shipping and fishing industries and their worldwide impact. While trying to manage our growth, our infrastructure continues to challenge us and local governmental agencies. Major roads, ferry transportation and light rail systems are an integral part of this region, enabling us to enjoy the benefits of our Canadian neighbors to the north, the beauty and grandeur of the San Juan Islands and the rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula.

What does this have to do with real estate? Everything. When you elect to move to another city, state, county or community, you need to sit back and take in the region to which you are relocating. Rushing to find that perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, with all the amenities to fit your life style does not happen overnight, don’t rush. Sit back and get to know the area before hand, if at all possible.

One my first visit to the Pacific Northwest, I was is awe and continue to feel that way every day. That is a feeling I want my clients to experience, whether they choose to live in the City of Seattle, or in one of the many locales that make up the Greater Puget Sound and its surrounding areas. Our fine school districts, the numerous smaller cities that make up the region, all offer a variety of life styles and meet the various needs of our fellow Washingtonians and those seeking to relocate here.

If there is one piece of advice that I can offer a home buyer, interview you prospective agent, do they understand your wants and needs, how you live, what you do for relaxation and fun, your life style. Are you comfortable with them? Make sure they are not overbooked with clients and that they have the time to help you. The Internet is a great tool, but seeing is believing and that only happens with first hand viewing of neighborhoods or the inside of homes. Only then, can you start on your own journey of finding the home, city, community, neighborhood and home that will fit your needs and life style.

Best wishes for finding your special home.


Cindy Lowden

Managing Broker,
RE/MAX Select RE,
Maple Valley, WA
CRS – Certified Residential Specialist
CDPE – Certified Distressed Property Expert
ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative
Email: [email protected]

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