Steven John

Steven John lives in Port Washington, New York (Washington DC native; school in Boston; twelve years in lovely Glendale, California). He and his wife Kristin, an elementary school teacher, have one son, Benjamin, and a daughter, Scarlett. In addition to writing for several websites and journals, Steven published his first novel, THREE A.M., in 2012.

Steve Bitterman

Chief Risk Services Officer, Vault Insurance With 30 years of experience under his belt, all of them in the high-net-worth market, Steve’s had the unique opportunity to appraise spectacular mansions around the world and provide risk management advice on everything from collector cars to haute couture to priceless pieces of art and jewelry. As Chief

5 hidden costs of owning a brownstone

There are few buildings more iconic in New York City than the classic brownstone, a type of building that emerged in the 1830s, when a new urban middle class of New Yorkers sought a home that looked fancier than brick and was more durable than wood. Brownstone, which is a type of sandstone that gets

Board Talk

BOARD TALK Frederick Peters  |  President, Warburg Realty There is a widening gap between the price of co-ops and the price of new condominiums. While much of this has to do with the ease involved in purchasing something utterly new, there is also a considerable benefit in the eyes of many buyers to the fact