Christopher Wulff

Christopher is a Los Angeles based real estate professional that represents passion, integrity and a dedicated service approach to every transaction. Born and raised in Southern California, Christopher grew up in a real estate family where he began investing in property at the age of 20. With a background in Hospitality, Music Production and Food

Rachel L. Gerstein

Rachel L. Gerstein, President of Rlg Properties, Inc., has been working in real estate management, brokerage and development for the past 16 years. A graduate of Brown University (1991, Providence, Rhode Island) and Fordham University Law School (1994, New York, New York), Ms. Gerstein is both an attorney and an active participant in the acquisition,

Tiny House Movement Thrives

Terence Chea Tiny House Movement Thrives Article The definition of a home is beginning to change. Previously the picture of the classic house with several floors, a white fence, and a yard would be the vision. Now a house the size of a bedroom is a viable option for those wanting to save money and

Buying Young

Misty Williams Buying Young Article Email: [email protected] In Bakersfield, California the 20 year-old couple Patricia and Mike Introini, bought their first home. More often young people are taking advantage of low interest rates and loans. This is not possible everywhere in the U.S., but being able to buy a home with no money down makes