adam leitman bailey

Adam Leitman Bailey, has, during his career, assisted thousands of property owners in buying homes through his home buying book, Finding the Uncommon Deal, giving him the title of real estate expert and best-selling author. Finding the Uncommon Deal was named as a New York times Best Seller and was ranked as one of the top real estate buying books on Amazon. As an owner of several properties and a parent of two children, Adam Leitman Bailey was inspired – and uniquely placed – to write about homes in a way that is relatable to young minds in his children’s book, Home. In 2017, he was also named Humanitarian of the Year by a local high school for his charitable efforts. A lifetime believer in giving back to the community and a fundamental leader in supporting and educating children within the community, Mr. Bailey has helped provide college scholarships, facilitate youth mentoring, combat bullying, provide paid internships, giving history tours and inspirational speeches at schools as well as supporting hospital research into tackling life threatening children’s illnesses and providing funds to cure children’s’ neurological diseases. 100% of the proceeds from his latest children’s book, Home, will go to the Building Foundations and Dreams, the charity he founded that strives to assist underserved students of all ages in pursuing their dreams. More information about Adam Leitman Bailey can be found at buildingfoundationsanddreams.com/.

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